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With the help of donations and partners TCA has delivered much needed services to remote rainforest communities including alternative protein sources, water tanks, upgraded VIP toilets, family planning, hygiene and sanitation education programs, school programs, teacher training, gardening workshops benefiting more than 12,000 people.

Conservation >>

TCA is in the process of establishing the Torricelli Mountain Range as a legally protected area. Over 185,000 hectares of rainforest and biodiversity will be protected including critically endangered species such as the Tenkile and Weimang Tree Kangaroos.

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TCA works directly with the local people representing 13 different language groups and unique cultures from 50 villages within two provinces of remote Papua New Guinea. Together we form the Tenkile Conservation Alliance.

  • Welcome to the Torricelli Mountain Range
  • CRITICALLY ENDANGERED!Tenkile Tree Kangaroo
  • CRITICALLY ENDANGERED!Weimang Tree Kangaroo
  • VULNERABLE!Grizzled Tree Kangaroo
  • 50 village communities (12,000 people) -No longer hunt tree kangaroos
  • Local communities are receiving tangible benefits
  • Local people feel proud of what they have achieved
  • Jim Thomas - Alumni award
  • Jean Thomas - FFN award
  • Mathew Akon - Whitley award
Welcome to the Torricelli Mountain Range1 CRITICALLY ENDANGERED!2 CRITICALLY ENDANGERED!3 VULNERABLE!4 50 village communities (12,000 people) -5 Mathew Akon - Whitley award8 Local communities are receiving tangible benefits9 Jim Thomas - Alumni award6 Jean Thomas - FFN award7 Local people feel proud of what they have achieved10
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