Tenkile Tree Kangaroos

Tree Kangaroos

There are now considered to be 14 species of Dendrolagus, tree kangaroos. Two species are found in Far north Queensland, Australia and 12 on the island of New Guinea. The Torricelli Mountain Range, Sandaun Province-Papua New Guinea is the only place where three species of Dendrolagus are known to co-exist.

The Tenkile, or Scott's Tree Kangaroo (Dendrolagus scottae), the Weimang, or Golden-mantled Tree Kangaroo (Dendrolagus pulcherrimus) and Finsch's Tree Kangaroo (Dendrolagus inustus finschi) all occur in the Torricelli's.
All tree kangaroos in New Guinea are subject to human hunting. There have been many local extinctions of tree kangaroos in Papua New Guinea.

The Tenkile and Weimang are the most threatened in PNG. The Tenkile Conservation Alliance aims to change that.

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